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Medical Treatment After an Auto Accident

David Adams Nov. 16, 2015

Many good people do everything they can to downplay how hurt they are after an auto accident.  Adrenaline at the time of an accident does a good part of the initial work, and thereafter many just try to “suck it up” and hope their pain gets better without seeking treatment.  Many have seen examples of people who act way more injured than they really are, and good folks do all they can to avoid making a big deal about themselves after being hit.  This is laudable and an indication of good character.  It can also be very foolish if carried too far.  If you don’t have broken bones, most insurance companies will look for every opportunity to deny or denigrate your claim if it is made more than a week after the accident.  They will say that if you were really hurt you would have sought out medical help sooner.

Getting checked out by a family physician within the first week of an auto accident just makes good sense.  This allows an initial documentation of a problem, even if not acute.  Thereafter, if more treatment is needed or sought, you will not be in the position of having to defend yourself to some blowhard adjuster saying “Why now?” (ie – “Are you just making this up?”)  An insurance adjuster’s job is to be suspicious, and many carry this responsibility much further than they should.   In Kansas, medical bills have to exceed $2,000.00 before there is any claim for pain and suffering damages.  In Missouri, there is no initial limit.  Either way, don’t wait too long if you are truly hurting after a car or motorcycle accident.