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Case Results


Client hit by oncoming vehicle after icy weather. Client offered only $50,000 for medical bills and pain and suffering for broken nose, concussion, and soft-tissue injuries. After initial litigation, the case settled for $175,000.00


Client received soft-tissue injuries in rear-end collision and was offered $800 by insurance company for pain and suffering damages.  After litigation initiated, the case eventually settled for $35,000.00


Client received soft-tissue neck and back injuries that required emergency room and physical therapy treatment of approximately $12,000.00. Client offered only $10,000.00, with insurance claiming some treatments were unnecessary.  Jury trial verdict in Johnson County, Kansas - December 2015 - $55,000.00.


Client and her three children were injured on an interstate collision. Concussions, bruising and emotional traumas were sustained but medical expenses were only approximately $4,000 per person. Insurance initially offered only $16,000, and eventually $40,000 prior to trial. After a two-day trial, the jury awarded $130,000 total recovery.


Client slipped at an apartment complex and broke their ankle - medical expenses $12,000.00.  Complex alleged it was not at fault for the fall.  After litigation, the case eventually settled for $75,000.00 before trial.