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Three Uh-Oh's (uber, UM/UIM, Unemployment)

David S. Adams Dec. 1, 2021

Uber - If you are a driver for Uber or Lyft be very careful. If you are not on the app receiving riders, your car insurance will cover you if an accident occurs - no worries. If you are on your way to pick up a rider, or have a rider, your Uber insurance will cover you - no worries. The problem is if you are on the app, but don't have a job yet that you have committed to. If you get in an accident during that in-between time, you may very well not be covered by your personal car insurance or the Uber car insurance. Beware. Talk to your personal coverage provider to cover this in-between time.

UM/UIM - good drivers are much more likely to be injured by a bad driver than they are to injure someone else. If the driver that hits you has no insurance or only minimum $25k coverage, you may need to access the UM/UIM coverage in your own policy (uninsured/underinsured). If, say, your policy covers you for $100k if you hit someone else, it almost always also provides $100k to you for any uninsured (or underinsured) driver who hits you. If you grab your insurance online through say Geico, you may not realize the importance of this UM/UIM coverage - and some people elect minimum ($25k) coverage for it, though they may have up to $250k for coverage if they hit someone else. Don't make that mistake, it is heartbreaking.

Unemployment - a person injured in a car accident is often unable to do their job (short term or longer-term). A good, honest person may quit their job knowing that they can no longer perform their job effectively. By resigning, the employee may be forfeiting their right to get unemployment insurance - insurance that is likely desperately needed while they are recovering (and waiting for any recovery in their accident claim - if another was at fault). The employer may eventually terminate the job, but then unemployment insurance can be applied for. Also, the employer may surprise the worker with either modified job duties or other creative options. Be careful resigning from a job when not required.

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