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Winter Bad News - Student Loan Good News

David S. Adams Jan. 14, 2022

Personal Injury - so Slippery (part 1)

Generally, the law doesn't require a property owner to immediately remove ice or snow that accumulates during a winter event. However, if an extended of period elapses after a storm or if conditions on the property cause an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow, the property owner may be liable for slip and fall accidents. Liability can occur when:

  • Ice accumulates on the roof, then melts and drips off because of a clogged drain, then refreezes on the ground;

  • The slopping surface of a parking lot causes melting ice to form puddles, and then refreeze into ice patches; or

  • the removal is haphazard or otherwise negligent.

Bankruptcy - so Slippery (part 2)

Navient reaches $1.85 billion settlement over student loan practices

Navient customers who were enrolled in multiple, consecutive forbearances from January 2010 to March 2015 had more than $4 billion in accrued interest added to their principal, when other, lower cost options were available but not revealed to borrowers.

Eligible borrowers will receive a postcard in the mail this spring from the settlement administrator.

Borrowers who are eligible for loan forgiveness will receive a formal notice from Navient by July, along with refunds of any payment made on the canceled private loans after June 30. No action is needed to qualify for relief.

Hopefully more relief options will be forthcoming soon for those who can show real need.

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