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Average Income in Kansas and Homeowner Liability for A Slip and Fall

David Adams Jan. 19, 2018

Hello from Adams Cross, LLC, see our tip for personal injury and our tip for bankruptcy regarding snow and ice-related incidents. Contact us at 913-782-5500 if you need a free legal consultation and we would be happy to help.


So you picked up a massive amount of medical bills from your fall on the ice. Not good. To be eligible to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and get rid of the overwhelming debt, the debtor must first pass a means test.  In Kansas, the current average income for a family of 4 is $83,723 (single person is $49,630).  If a household's income is above those numbers it will be difficult to qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy (but not impossible depending on particular circumstances). Chapter 13 might be needed to set up a reasonable 3-5 year repayment plan, with any balances owing thereafter getting discharged.

Personal Injury

A homeowner would not generally be liable for injuries caused by an icy or slippery condition on their property if recently related to a winter storm.  An exception would be if the homeowner was expecting guests or throwing a party and knew (or should have known) that a walkway at the home was slick. If the storm has passed, it's generally a good idea to get some salt and sand on the problem.