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Back on The Road

David S. Adams June 15, 2021

Personal Injury - is it safer or more dangerous to be on the road than it was ten (10) years ago? For the most part, the numbers appear to be trending sideways. There is some increasing incidence of accidents and deaths, but there is also an increasing number of cars and miles driven. Increasing safety measures (sensors, design, etc) are likely being offset by distracted driving and increasing speeds. Interestingly, the National Hwy Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that there was a sizeable increase in accidents and deaths in 2020....weird. Didn't a lot of people stay home during 2020? In any case, stay safe out there and keep your eyes open (and on the road, right!)

Bankruptcy - understanding how cars are affected in a bankruptcy is very important. First, each person (in Kansas) gets up to $20k equity value in their car exempt. For example, a car worth $15k, with no loan on it, is protected. A second or third car might be in danger but one car is protected (a married couple can protect two cars - each getting the $20k exemption). Missouri only protects $3k of equity value.