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Beware Settling Your Auto Accident Claim without An Attorney

David Adams May 14, 2015

Some drivers have minimal insurance coverage on their cars.  If they cause an injury to someone, their insurer may offer the policy limit of their coverage (sometimes as low as $25,000 in Kansas).  In order to be paid this amount the insurer will require the signing of a release.  The problem arises if the injured person then wants to recover any additional amount from their own insurer (underinsurance coverage) or from another party to the accident.  Often the release can be used to limit any further recovery that might have otherwise been available.  Certain statutory notices have to be given to one’s own underinsurance carrier in order to preserve the right to recover.  A release can be modified to limit the extent of the release and preserve all claims against other persons and policies.  Don’t get caught missing additional avenues of recovery in your case.