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Covering Covid- Stimulus Checks & Fewer Vehicle Collisions

David S. Adams April 24, 2020


Stimulus checks are showing up. But if you are behind on debts and a collector is authorized to garnish from your account, the check could be taken out before you put it to use - if possible seek a paper check, or remove funds immediately otherwise if there are lurking creditors. And for those thinking about filing for bankruptcy, they should wait until the stimulus check is received and spent on necessary expenses before filing. Trustees are currently being instructed to let filers use the funds for life expenses, but be sure to check on the latest developments with an attorney before filing a new case.

Personal Injury

One of the few positives from the coronavirus is that fewer people are on the roads, and fewer vehicle collisions are occurring. Many insurance companies are providing refunds to their customers during this time of stay-at-home. You may want to check with your insurer and request a refund if not being provided otherwise. That said, there are still plenty of folks going down the road watching the latest funny cat video while driving. Be careful out there.

The Fear of The Unknown Is Being Replaced with The Challenge of The Known. Human Beings Are Amazing, and Are Going to Be Doing Amazing Things for One Another in The Coming Days and Months. Our Thoughts and Prayers Are with All Struggling Through This Uncertain Time.