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Debt to Utility Companies and Injury Cases Involving Boats

David Adams July 30, 2018


Kansas utility companies are only limited in turning off electricity or gas in the winter months if the temperature is below 35 degrees (no protection in summer months - unlike Missouri). In a bankruptcy proceeding, prior amounts owed for utilities are completely dischargeable, but if continuing service is needed the utility may be able to charge a new security deposit going forward.

Personal Injury

There are over 12 million boats owned in the US and over 1 million personal watercraft (jetski). Only two states require boat insurance in order to put your boat on the water. There are over 4,200 boat accidents a year, with over 600 deaths (and jetskis causing a disproportional number). A homeowners policy will not protect someone from fault based liability for injuries. Even an umbrella policy may not cover for boating liability if separate coverage is not purchased. Beware.

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