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Oh Deer! (yes, the Four-Legged Ones)

David S. Adams Sept. 28, 2020

Personal Injury - fall brings special dangers to drivers. According to the Kansas DOT one-sixth of reported car crashes in 2018 involved a deer. Deer breeding season runs from October into December, and deer are more frequently seen during this time, especially at dusk or dawn. The general rule is "Don't Veer for Deer," as more problems come from leaving the roadway or hitting another vehicle while trying to miss the poor Bambi. Some estimate that the deer population has increased 1,000 fold in the last century. Deer can be known to run into the roadway even when it appears that they see you coming. Be careful out there! (From a personal injury perspective, a deer accident is not a recoverable claim unless you are a passenger or have other unique circumstances).

Bankruptcy - we don't think that shorter days and falling temperatures affect a bankruptcy filing much, but we stand ready to help and advise anyone who might be overwhelmed by insurmountable debts.

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