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Olathe, Kansas Truck Accident Attorney

David Adams May 12, 2015

The majority of drivers that share the road with 18-Wheelers have no idea how many truck drivers are in blatant violation of many commercial driver’s regulations. Truckers must log all of their hours while on duty, including driving, on-duty not driving, off-duty and their 10-hour break. However, many drivers neglect or falsify their log in order to drive longer hours. This can lead to devastating consequences. Also, every truck driver must do a pre-trip inspection of his or her equipment. This inspection checks for tire pressure and tread, proper working brake and signal lights, and any other issues that are a hazard on the road. This is another area that is neglected by truckers, which leads to accidents. Are you a victim of a truck driver’s neglect? If so, you need a tough truck Accident attorney to fight for you. Contact me at my Olathe, Kansas office.

Other Common Causes of Truck Accidents

  • Blown tires

  • Speeding

  • Fatigue

  • Distractions


  • Road Rage

  • Poor Equipment Maintenance

  • Over Correcting Resulting in a Rollover or Jackknife

  • Unbalanced and/or Overweight Freight Issues

An attentive truck driver can avoid each of these causes. Therefore, the majority of 18-Wheeler and vehicle collisions are senseless and preventable. The insurance companies are well aware of these facts and will fight hard in order not to have to pay your claim. With Adams & Cross, LLC on your side, you do not have to worry or go up against the trucking and insurance companies alone. You will have the expertise of your Kansas Auto Accident and Personal Injury lawyer fighting for every dollar you deserve.

Contact Adams & Cross, LLC if you were involved in a truck accident and need help locally, call today. Don’t continue to get pushed around by the trucking company due to their neglectful driver or the greedy insurance companies.