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Real Things that Cannot Be Seen

David S. Adams May 24, 2022

Personal Injury - PTSD

Shattering violence not only traumatizes soldiers in war, but studies have found that over 1/3rd of car accident victims will experience some degree of significant mental health trauma after a violent collision. This includes anxiety, depression, and sometimes a formal PTSD condition. Physical bruising after a collision is considered normal and unavoidable, but unfortunately, mental health bruising is too often considered unreal or a form of weakness. Mental health counselors have found that EMDR therapy (especially within thirty (30) days of an accident) can significantly help a person deal with and heal from symptoms that include severe anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Injuries need to be treated - both physical and mental. Strong legal advocacy is often necessary to make sure that the auto insurer fully covers the full measure of damages caused.

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