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Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy and Slip and Falls on Snow and Ice

David Adams Dec. 28, 2018

Bankruptcy - 

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn't mean that your credit is destroyed, and you will not qualify for credit in the future. Although bankruptcy will be on your credit report for 10 years, the impact of it on your rating will lessen with time.  Rebuilding your credit with secured loans is one effective way of re-establishing trust with lenders. A secured credit card may also be an option. Secured loans are beneficial as typically the interest rates are lower, and lenders will report your history to the credit bureaus to offset the negative history.  Within a few years, your credit can be rebuilt, and the impact of Chapter 7 bankruptcy will continue to fade as time passes.

Personal Injury - 

With the winter season upon us, weather conditions tend to play a significant role in personal injury cases. Generally, motor vehicle accidents only involving snow, ice, or animals are considered "acts of God" and leave injured parties without an avenue to recover for injuries. Even so, sometimes a specific contributing fact may be enough to lead to a recovery. Examples include whether the injured party was a passenger in the vehicle or whether a road hazard was man-made. Liability in slip and fall cases due to weather is not always straightforward either. Typically, snow or ice on a sidewalk or parking lot alone is not enough to warrant a recovery if one slips and is injured. However, there are numerous facts that could lead to compensation, including whether a business owner failed to reasonably take action on conditions he or she was aware of on the property.

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